The newest designs in production

February 12, 2018

The newest designs in production

This week we'll be working on a larger dagger ring and a horseshoe ring.  Both will be in silver; with iron, steel or gold as the metal for the dagger or horseshoe.  Below are some of the raw original castings in silver.  These will be filed, sanded, shaped, assembled, polished and used as the master models.  There will be more on the creation process in the coming blog posts.

We will be rolling out a new design per week, sometimes more often!  Our design notebook is full of great ideas that need to be transformed into jewelry designs, and then created in precious metals and photographed!  

It all starts with a thought, then a quick sketch, then a more detailed rendering, then models in silver, then molds, and finally the production piece.  All the pictures we post are of actual production pieces - we do not make special models for photography,  nor do we use CAD created images.  What you see on the website is an actual piece of jewelry that has been created as if it were sold.

Thanks and more soon!