A Little Bit about Runes

Runes are letters in an ancient alphabet which began to appear almost two thousand years ago. The earliest Runic alphabet is known as  the "Elder Futhark" and are the primary runes used in runic protection, divination and magic.   Elder Futhark  was in use in Europe until  the 8th century.  Some of the more common interpretations of the significance of runes is listed below.  There are many interesting and informative references online to learn more about runes.  Each rune has many interpretations, we've listed some of the more common names, meanings and symbolism below.  Each individual will have their own meanings and symbology.






Fehu F: wealth, cattle Luck, abundance, prosperity
Uruz U: Auroch,  wild ox Strength, Energy, Health, Wisdom, Courage
Burisaz rune Thurisaz TH: Thorn, Thor, Giant Force, Destruction, Defense
Ansuz A: Ancient God Messages, Inspiration, Insight, Communication
Raido Rune Raido R: Wagon or Chariot Travel, Journey
Kaunan/Kenaz K: Torch Knowledge, Revelation, Vision 
Gebo Rune Gebo G: Gift Gifts, Exchanges
Wunjo Rune Wunjo V or W: Joy Joy, Comfort, Happiness, Pleasure
Hagalaz Rune Hagalaz H: Hail Weather, Hail, Natural Destruction
Naudiz Rune Naudiz N: Need Need, Distress, Confusion
Isaz Rune Isaz I:  Ice Frustration, Challenges
Jera Rune Jera Y or J: Harvest or a Good Year Good results of a struggle, A Time of Peace and Happiness
Eihwaz Rune Eihwaz Ei: Yew Tree Trustworthiness, Reliability, Dependability
Perthro Rune Perthro P: Mystery Uncertain things, Feminine Mystery
Algiz Rune Algiz A:  Elk Protection, Defense, Shield
Sowilo Rune Variant 1  Sowilo Rune Variant 2 Sowilo S: Sun Success, Victory, Health
Tiwaz Rune Tiwaz T: Tyr the god Justice, Honor
Berkanan Berkanan B: Birch Fertility, regeneration, renewal
Ehwaz Rune Ehwaz E: Horse Movement, Change, Progress
Mennaz Rune Mennaz M: Man The individual, personal attitude
Laguz Rune Laguz L: Lake or Leek Water, Sea, fertility
IngwazRune variant 1  Ingwaz Variant Rune Ingwaz NG: The Earth gog Male Fertility, Growth, Simple Strength
Othala Rune Othala O: Estate Inherited items or property, a  house or home
Dagaz Rune Dagaz D: Day Awareness, New Beginnings