Our Sources

At Aufae, we believe in sustainability, ethical sourcing and upcycling.  All the metals we use in our jewelry are sourced from either ethical suppliers who use 100% recycled metals, or recycled in-house.  The primary silver and gold for our Aufae jewelry are Harmony Metals Certified. Harmony Recycled Metals are Certified 100% Recycled by SCS Global Services, a globally-recognized independent third-party certifier and sustainability expert.

We also recycle and reuse up to 98% of the silver, gold and platinum metals in our studio.  All steel, Iron and other metals are upcycled from local sources, with emphasis placed on securing older, heirloom-type objects for re-use. (Like old knives, hammers, doorknobs, etc..)

All the diamonds we use are artisan created, and have all the same properties as natural diamonds, but they are sustainable and ethically grown.  Our gemstones are either artisan created or ethically sourced.