The artisans at Aufae have spent years perfecting the craft of fine jewelry.  For decades we have engineered, developed and created the designs for the finest jewelry houses in the world.  Now, it's our turn!  With a bit of whimsy and a happy heart, we are creating a line of jewelry for everyday that offers symbols of life, love, happiness, spirituality and protection.  

The collections will be continually expanding, as the 'everpresent sketchbook' is laden with ideas (but there's still plenty of room for more!)  We will be introducing new designs often, and they will all be produced in our studio in Phoenix, Arizona.   We do not outsource anything! All design, creation and fabrication is done in-house by our skilled craftspeople.

We use only Harmony recycled silver and gold, and all steel and iron is upcycled from local sources.  Our enamels are lead-free.  The diamonds we use are artisan created, and have all the same properties as natural diamonds, but they are sustainable and ethically grown.  Our gemstones are either artisan created or ethically sourced.