Are your Items Made to Order?

Yes!  All our jewelry is bespoke, or made for the person who orders it.  We do not maintain a stock of mass produced jewelry, everything is created by the artisans here in our studio after your order it.  Nothing is outsourced or mass produced outside the country.  This allows us to maintain our quality while customizing the designs and sizes for each client.


Can I order a ring in a different metal?  Platinum?

Absolutely!  All of our items are available in all colors of gold, 14k or 18K, sterling silver, Platinum or stainless steel.  Or any combination of these metals.  For special requests, please send us an email and we'll get you a quote.


Can I get custom engraving on a ring or pendant?

Certainly!  We can custom engrave text or a simple image/logo onto your ring or pendant.  Almost all fonts are available (including Elvish and Klingon) and we are able to convert simple drawings, black and white ink is best, into engravable images.   Ring engraving is possible on the inside of the ring, and in some cases, on the outside.  Please send us an email for details on how to order.


Do you have more information on Runes?

Yes, please see this page for some basic info on Runes: Aufae Runes


What Charities do you support?

We support many local, national and international charities.  Our primary partnership is with Foothills Animal Rescue.  They are a wonderful, caring, local organization that provides shelter and care for animals. And we adopted our kitties from them!


Are your raw materials ethically sourced?

Absolutely!  We use only ethically and environmentally friendly sources for our metals and gemstones.  See Our Sources page for more info.